Upcoming Movies & Events

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to show your support. As a hospitality based business we take the threat of COVID-19 extremely seriously. We feel it is our responsibility to minimize the threat of spread as much as possible and, even though we are fine & healthy (knock wood), we feel that even the limited contact of filling growlers poses more of a risk than we care to take. We will live through the financial hardship, but could not live with ourselves if we unknowingly contributed to the spread in Florida. For the health of our community we will remain closed for the time being. As this evolves, we will re-evaluate as needed. Stay home, stay well.

~ Robb & Lisa

3/24/20 Update:

Wow! You all are awesome! When we re-open we will have lots of beer (at last count 50) available to our emergency workers for free, to say thank you for keeping us healthy, the stores stocked, groceries delivered, and children fed. Thank you all, and any that we are missing. We truly appreciate everything that you are doing for our community.

We have had lots of requests for gift cards! If you would like to pick one up for yourself or a friend, you can through the link provided below.



Are you missing watching movies with us as much as we are with you? We have decided to keep up our weekly themes. We feel like dramatic times call for the rugged, overly dramatic style of Charlton Heston.

Recommended viewing for this week:
  • The Omega Man – PG – 1971 American film loosely based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 best-selling novel I Am Legend. Colonel Robert Neville, a man continuing to live in a now-deserted Los Angeles after biological warfare has decimated the world’s population, and his efforts to defend himself from a cult of mutants. $1.99 on Amazon Prime
  • Soylent Green – PG – 1973 film set in an overpopulated futuristic Earth. A New York police detective finds himself marked for murder by government agents when he gets too close to a bizarre state secret involving the origins of a revolutionary and needed new foodstuff. $2.99 on Amazon Prime
  • Planet of the Apes – G – 1968 film about an astronaut who finds himself 2,000+ years in the future, stranded on an earth-like planet where humans are enslaved by apes. $3.99 on Amazon Prime
  • Airport 1975 – PG – 1974 film about a Boeing 747 in flight that collides with a small plane, and a stewardess must take control of the plane. $3.99 on Amazon Prime
  • Earthquake – PG –  1974 film about a catastrophic earthquake that destroys the city of Los Angeles, California. $3.99 on Amazon Prime

3/20/20 Update:

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all of your love & support. We have spent a lot of time over the last couple of days brainstorming on how we can sustain while staying safe, as well as give back to our community. We have come up with a couple of things now available in our Square store https://grindhausbrewlab.square.site/ that we are really excited about!

1) A beer-it-forward program where you can buy a beer online for any of our emergency workers (medical, grocery & pharmacy, police & fire, school lunch workers, etc) for when we re-open. We will create beer-it-forward tags to hang in the taproom that anyone who works in these industries can grab & redeem for a free beer!

Beer It Forward

$5.00 Buy now

2) I-Survived-COVID-19 Graphic Tee. $5 of every sale of these will go to an out of work brewery beertender.

Sales will continue until April 15, at which time we will order from our supplier for delivery in 2-4 weeks. We will notify all purchasers when they can pick up (or when they are shipping if shipping was selected) via the email provided when ordering, as well as post on our facebook, website, and post in out newsletter.

I Survived Tee

$25.00 – $30.00 Buy now

$5 of every sale will be divided evenly between all registered beertenders on April 1st & 15th via paypal If you would like to register, please email your name, paypal info, and brewery you worked for to grindhausbrewlab@gmail.com


Wild Wednesday:

BOGO 1/2 – Buy one beer at full price & the 2nd beer is half off!

Throwback Thursday:

25% all pours 5-9pm

Friday & Saturday Night Movies:

Friday & Saturday – Movies at 5, 7 & 9pm Always FREE – No ticket fee & free popcorn!


New on tap Friday at 5pm

Returning Friday at 5pm