Who are we? We’re just your friendly, neighborhood brew lab.

GBLFrontWe are Grindhaus Brew Lab – a brewery in planning, set to open in Clearwater, FL in 2016. Grindhaus Brew Lab was hatched by longtime homebrewers and craft beer ambassadors Robb Larson and Lisa Colburn, along with friend and cohort Tony Vincenti. This same team brought HiFI Homebrew and BBQ Supply to life in 2015, and Grindhaus Brew Lab will be the brewery complement, located in the current HiFi brewhouse.

Our intent is to serve extremely small-batch, high quality brews. Our small system, paired with our entire homebrew store full of brewing ingredients, allows us to create brews that you will not find at a large scale brewery.

Large breweries work with a smaller variety of grains, yeasts, and hops. But at Grindhaus Brew Lab, we have the luxury of over 55 different grains, 60+ hops, 60+ yeast strains, and 40+ spices, woods, sugars, honeys, and other fun brewing ingredients to play with. That, combined with our passion for brewing, our curiosity at experimenting with new techniques (some never before used in brewing), and our love of drive-ins, cult, and B-movies, make visiting our brew house an experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Like we said, we’re just your friendly, neighborhood brew lab.


~Robb & Lisa

Grindhaus Brew Lab: the evolution of the revolution.


More Info

For more information about Grindhaus Brew Lab, please visit our facebook page, or contact us by phone at 727.240.0804 or via email at info@hifihomebrewandbbq.com


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