Homebrew Supply

Autumn Homebrew Bottle Share – October 20, 2pm

Attention homebrewers (and potential homebrewers)! You are invited to share your brews on Sunday, October 20 @ 2pm at Grindhaus Brew Lab.

Get feedback on your brews, try different styles, and talk beer with other brewers. Thinking about getting into brewing but don’t have anything to share? Bring a bottle of your favorite commercial beer! Be sure to bring a taster glass with you to avoid getting glass mix-ups.

Water and buckets for rinsing will be provided.
All attendees will receive a 10% discount on brewing supplies.

21st Annual AHA Learn To Homebrew Day – November 2, 2pm

In 1999, Learn To Homebrew Day was established by the American Homebrewers Association to promote the most rewarding, and delicious activity of all time — homebrewing.

On the first Saturday in November, thousands of people will gather at Learn to Homebrew Day sites worldwide to brew beer and learn about the hobby of homebrewing.

Join the celebration at Grindhaus Brew Lab with a live brewing demonstration, free beer samples, swag, and raffle!

Sponsored by our friends and local grain suppliers at Brew Craft & Country Malt Group.

Originally established in early 2015 as HiFi Homebrew and BBQ Supply, in late 2016 we added our brewery, Grindhaus Brew Lab, and HiFi became Grindhaus Homebrew Supply. We carry a full line of brewing ingredients and supplies, and hold classes monthly in the brewery.