Post-Irma Wed, Sept 13

We’re guessing this is the reason we don’t have power yet, but good news! We’re going to be open our regular hours of 4-8 tonight, and Robb will be cookin’ up a mess of his famous wings! Until we run out, we’ll be serving limited beers festival style & wings – 2 tasters & 6 wings for $12!FB_IMG_1505325450939.jpg



We made it through the storm, but as of today (Tuesday) still no power, so we are closing today. If there’s still no power tomorrow, we’re going to roll up the big door, fire up the grill, and serve limited beers festival-style! Cheers! ~Robb & Lisa

Progress Report 6.23.17

So far, so great!

Canteen Craft Beer Catering logoHIresThank you so much to all of the loyal friends & patrons that frequent our hidden gem of a nano-brewery.  With your help we have been consistently growing month over month, which gives us the freedom & ability to improve our business. If you have been in recently, you’ll know that Lisa has left her day job, and has come on board full time to take some of the workload off of Robb’s shoulders. We have also reconfigured some of our space to allow for a canteen area where Canteen Craft Beer Catering will soon be setting up shop. They will start out with small plates like artisan cheese & charcuterie boards, and beer cheese dip with pretzel bites, and plan on expanding into hot foods like brats and meatballs.

18557355_1860555204162015_6645435735429942641_nAs you know, Robb continues to make phenomenal beer, which is reflected in our amazing ratings on Untappd, Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Trip Advisor. These ratings are a huge boost to us! If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to write us a (good) review on one or all of these sites. Also, if you are on Untappd, definitely check in your beer to earn your Grindhaus badge and start earning rewards. We are fortunate to be chosen as one of the few local venues to have a custom badge of our very own.

18700553_1863503650533837_121384046605144758_oAt the end of May we rolled out our members club called the Take 4 Society. Our intent was to start it up in June, but fortunately the signage came in early. Without telling anyone, we quietly popped the small posters up in the taproom to see if people would notice. Within a day Take 4 had started selling itself, and before we knew it, we had sold over 25 of our planned 50 membership slots! Single memberships for the rest of 2017 are $60 and include a free 32oz flight every month, 25% off all additional flights, 10% off food and merchandise (Canteen will be included when they start up in July), a Grindhaus logo pint glass and T-shirt, and an exclusive invitation to our monthly members only specialty beer release night – this month the beer was a tart & refreshing raspberry & blackberry Wheat Ale called I Know What You Did Last Summer Solstice, and it went over like gangbusters! If you’d like to become a member, talk to Robb or Lisa next time you’re in. Slots are filling up fast though, so get in soon!

Special thanks to our friends Steve & Mike for stepping up to help Robb last week while Lisa was in Minneapolis leading a seminar at Homebrew Con. We truly appreciate it and look forward to sharing a couple of beers with you that Lisa picked up while she was gone. Also, thank you to our award-winning Graphic Designer friend Anthony for helping Canteen Craft Beer Catering build a striking & appealing logo.


~Robb & Lisa

Progress Report 4.22.17

Hello Grindhaus fans! Thank you for keeping an eye on our site. The last 4 months have kept us extremely busy, and we have been having a great time serving our beer, getting to meet new friends, holding classes & events, and even hosting a local independent film release.

So far our beers have been extremely well received, including a noted brewer & brewery owner visiting from the northeast calling our Big Kahuna IPA the best New England style IPA that he’d tasted while in the area (although we like to call it a tropical IPA, but whatevs).

If you haven’t been by recently, or had a chance to stop in yet, we’d love to invite you to come and try our beer and take in a movie. One of the changes we made recently is to upgrade our projector and move our screen to a location where it’s easier to view. We’ve also added specials on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

What’s up next? We’re working on adding a trivia/bingo night that we like to call Tringo, introducing a Grindhaus members-only club, and are in talks on becoming the host location of a local internet show. There’s also talk of Robb maaaaybe adding a sour beer or 2 to the lineup, but that remains to be seen.

Thank you again for following us and supporting us as we go through our journey of getting our little brewery up and running. Please tell your friends about us, and if you have a free minute, tell the world by writing us a (good) review on Facebook or Google.

Cheers and thank you!

~Lisa & Robb

New Specials

Progress Update #4- Gearing Up for Opening Weekend!

champagneOur doors open Saturday, December 17th. It’s been a long journey but we’re nearly there. After applying for our Federal Brewer’s Notice in mid-march we finally heard back from the TTB in early October. In the first week of November, after a couple of corrections, Grindhaus Brew Lab was granted Federal Approval. Wednesday before Thanksgiving our Temporary State Permit was in hand. This means we were able to start brewing!

Progress has been steady. The tap system is in, the finishing touches are being finalized, the state inspection was a success, and our first beers are carbonating.

Brewing began a few weeks back, and it’s both exciting and a little frightening. Twelve brews are already in the books!



Recipes are in place, and we’re opening with six we’re proud of. All along, quality over quantity has been our motto- if we’re not really happy with the brew, it won’t go on. Oh Beehive! Honey Cream Ale is our lightest regular offering, Pillow Talk Porter is the darkest regular brew,  lighter-bodied and tropical defines our Big Kahuna IPA, and Evil Dead Red is layered with malts and smoke. Free Agent- A Belgian Tripel is set to pour as well, along with Tasty Waves Wheat.  Many other styles are in the works and will make an appearance before the end of the year, including a Triple Chocolate Stout, and a Dunkelweizen.



With all the ingredients at our disposal via HiFi, we feel like kids in a candy store. Education is part of our plan, and we intend to change a variable within identical beers to showcase the difference one ingredient can make. Our first experiment involves splitting a batch of beer into two fermenters and pitching a different yeast strain into each one. Dubbed the “Double Tap”,  both our Evil Dead Red and Free Agent Tripel received this treatment and will both be on opening day, taste the difference. We are a Brew Lab and do not want to lose sight of that. Of course, movies are on the agenda as well as some fun & interesting classes.

Our doors open, December 17th- stop up and see us!


Robb & Lisa


Update #3: Progress, New Products, & More

Progress is happening at both Grindhaus Brew Lab and HiFi Homebrew and BBQ Supply.

Bar1While we wish the progress included news on our Federal Brewer’s Notice application, alas we are still patiently waiting. However, we’ve been busy getting ready for when we get the word. The back area has been reconfigured, and the process of adding cool things such as seating & décor etc. has begun. Glassware, a handwash sink, and more taps are next.

Beer development is plugging away and we look to open with four core beers. Two are complete and the other two are just a revision or two away. Our philosophy is to offer clean, well-crafted beers with character. No generic examples of styles will be served. Sooner than later twelve plus ales will be pouring from the taps. Style wise, we’ll be all over the map but great beer is the plan and we want to add some unique twists. We are a brew lab and we will experiment.

Look for us at the Dunedin Orange Festival, Saturday July 9th at Edgewater Park in Dunedin. We’ll be competing in the Craft Beer Brew Off starting at 6 PM along with three other local breweries.kombucha

In HiFi news, we now offer fermentable food kits. Kombucha, Water Kefir, Milk Kefir, and Yogurt are all in-stock as well as a culture used for fermenting vegetables. Lisa has taken the initiative to try these products first-hand, and the results have been tasty.

In the coming weeks we’ll be wheeling out other new products. By popular demand we’ll be carrying Weyerman base malts as well as two new dark malts- Briess Black Prinz and Briess Midnight Wheat. Both of the new Briess malts have all the roasted malt flavor with much less astringency than traditional black malts- try them in a porter, stout, or any mysterious onyx-hued brew.

In other exciting product news look for cleaning chemicals to be available by the pound soon and gargantuan sized sanitizer. We’re looking to save our customers some cash.

homebrewcon8Robb had the opportunity to speak at the National Homebrewers Conference in Baltimore earlier in June. He gave a seminar about how to add Brew on Premise to a homebrew store or brewery. He followed up the opening address and was the first seminar of the conference, so it was party time after that! Instead of attending valuable industry seminars, he opted for ones on beer history. Hopefully Robb or Lisa will be chosen to speak next year, it was great fun and also rewarding to share knowledge with fellow homebrewers and industry peers.   

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll get our next update in sooner than later.



Robb & Lisa