Progress Update #4- Gearing Up for Opening Weekend!

champagneOur doors open Saturday, December 17th. It’s been a long journey but we’re nearly there. After applying for our Federal Brewer’s Notice in mid-march we finally heard back from the TTB in early October. In the first week of November, after a couple of corrections, Grindhaus Brew Lab was granted Federal Approval. Wednesday before Thanksgiving our Temporary State Permit was in hand. This means we were able to start brewing!

Progress has been steady. The tap system is in, the finishing touches are being finalized, the state inspection was a success, and our first beers are carbonating.

Brewing began a few weeks back, and it’s both exciting and a little frightening. Twelve brews are already in the books!



Recipes are in place, and we’re opening with six we’re proud of. All along, quality over quantity has been our motto- if we’re not really happy with the brew, it won’t go on. Oh Beehive! Honey Cream Ale is our lightest regular offering, Pillow Talk Porter is the darkest regular brew,  lighter-bodied and tropical defines our Big Kahuna IPA, and Evil Dead Red is layered with malts and smoke. Free Agent- A Belgian Tripel is set to pour as well, along with Tasty Waves Wheat.  Many other styles are in the works and will make an appearance before the end of the year, including a Triple Chocolate Stout, and a Dunkelweizen.



With all the ingredients at our disposal via HiFi, we feel like kids in a candy store. Education is part of our plan, and we intend to change a variable within identical beers to showcase the difference one ingredient can make. Our first experiment involves splitting a batch of beer into two fermenters and pitching a different yeast strain into each one. Dubbed the “Double Tap”,  both our Evil Dead Red and Free Agent Tripel received this treatment and will both be on opening day, taste the difference. We are a Brew Lab and do not want to lose sight of that. Of course, movies are on the agenda as well as some fun & interesting classes.

Our doors open, December 17th- stop up and see us!


Robb & Lisa



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  1. Truly an amazing and exciting time! I’m so happy for both of you. You put your dreams out in the universe and worked hard to make them come true!! No one deserves success & happiness more than you two dudes…Cheers & Mad Love💖 Robin


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