Update #3: Progress, New Products, & More

Progress is happening at both Grindhaus Brew Lab and HiFi Homebrew and BBQ Supply.

Bar1While we wish the progress included news on our Federal Brewer’s Notice application, alas we are still patiently waiting. However, we’ve been busy getting ready for when we get the word. The back area has been reconfigured, and the process of adding cool things such as seating & décor etc. has begun. Glassware, a handwash sink, and more taps are next.

Beer development is plugging away and we look to open with four core beers. Two are complete and the other two are just a revision or two away. Our philosophy is to offer clean, well-crafted beers with character. No generic examples of styles will be served. Sooner than later twelve plus ales will be pouring from the taps. Style wise, we’ll be all over the map but great beer is the plan and we want to add some unique twists. We are a brew lab and we will experiment.

Look for us at the Dunedin Orange Festival, Saturday July 9th at Edgewater Park in Dunedin. We’ll be competing in the Craft Beer Brew Off starting at 6 PM along with three other local breweries.kombucha

In HiFi news, we now offer fermentable food kits. Kombucha, Water Kefir, Milk Kefir, and Yogurt are all in-stock as well as a culture used for fermenting vegetables. Lisa has taken the initiative to try these products first-hand, and the results have been tasty.

In the coming weeks we’ll be wheeling out other new products. By popular demand we’ll be carrying Weyerman base malts as well as two new dark malts- Briess Black Prinz and Briess Midnight Wheat. Both of the new Briess malts have all the roasted malt flavor with much less astringency than traditional black malts- try them in a porter, stout, or any mysterious onyx-hued brew.

In other exciting product news look for cleaning chemicals to be available by the pound soon and gargantuan sized sanitizer. We’re looking to save our customers some cash.

homebrewcon8Robb had the opportunity to speak at the National Homebrewers Conference in Baltimore earlier in June. He gave a seminar about how to add Brew on Premise to a homebrew store or brewery. He followed up the opening address and was the first seminar of the conference, so it was party time after that! Instead of attending valuable industry seminars, he opted for ones on beer history. Hopefully Robb or Lisa will be chosen to speak next year, it was great fun and also rewarding to share knowledge with fellow homebrewers and industry peers.   

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll get our next update in sooner than later.



Robb & Lisa